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the history, identity, & mythology


This is a collection of archived sources from the web, especially older sources (pre-2019), regarding the alterhuman and nonhuman communities.


The Silver Elves Blog; On Magic and Enchantment and the Elven Way

A currently active (as of September 2022) elfaekind blog. The blog centers on, as the name suggests, elfae, and provides resources for elfkind and otherkind alike.

Home Page (Live)Home Page (Archived 9/9/22)"Faerie, Fae and Otherkin Tribes: The Silver Elves’ Guide for Finding Your Magical Kind and Kin" (Archived 9/9/22)


"Otherkin" Powerpoint on Slideshare

A slideshow made in February 2011, seemingly written by someone who is anti-otherkin. About 75% of the informarion in the slideshow is incorrect. Mostly included here because it's funny and an old web relic.

Slideshow (Live)Slideshow (Archived 9/9/22) • Transcript TBA

"Therians, Otherkin, Furries" Powerpoint on Slideshare

A slideshow made in March 2014 by a therian who identifies as a shapeshifting vampire. The slideshow is something of a time capsule of those communities, and briefly touches on vampyres as well.

Slideshow (Live)Slideshow (Archived 9/9/22) • Transcript TBA

Terminology & Symbol Coining/Origins